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Why smart homes are the future?

14 Jun, 2022

To get started with smart homes, Whitelion offers smart switches that automatically integrate to your home lighting solutions.

The smart home refers to a home setup in which appliances and devices are managed automatically from any location. All you need is internet access via Smartphone or other devices. The advantage advantages of a smart home are that we can move closer to real-time monitoring of our homes and connected lives without the burden and unreliability of high-bandwidth protocols across thousands of square feet.

With the market introduction of smart plugs that can connect internet-enabled home appliances and gadgets alike, the concept of a "smart home" is steadily becoming a norm in daily living.

Full home automation

To get started with smart homes, Whitelion offers smart switches that automatically integrate to your home lighting solutions. So, the homeowner doesn’t have to stand up all the time to turn on lights. He can command either Alexa through voice control or control his lights.

Our touch switches are reputed as the best smart switch in India and come with AmazonAlex integration as well as Google Home assistance. Homeowners can easily manage home security, lighting, climate, water, networked appliances, and entertainment systems. Homeowners can use a smart home virtual assistant to remotely monitor the connection status and configure each end device. Isn’t it cool?

Energy efficient with smart home automation

Smart homes are being automated not only for convenience but also for energy efficiency thanks to automated monitoring embedded in new sources. Homes will be able to adjust heating and turn off connected lights, appliances, and water without the need for human intervention by connecting energy sources in an automated, smart home energy management system.

This leads to a very energy-efficient home, as the home can monitor its own energy consumption and make decisions based on feedback from the homeowner in order to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Intelligent Insulation

Every home has a window designed for aesthetics, but in the near future, windows will become smarter as energy conversion and monitoring science is applied in the manufacturing of the glass material.

Sit back and relax

A smart home allows you to control and automate every device and appliance in your home, as well as take care of your safety and security needs while conserving energy and saving money. In the very near future, we will live in apartments completely equipped and controlled by smart devices, similar to the homes in the popular 1960s animated sitcom 'The Jetsons.' Today, real estate developers are investing in and implementing infrastructure to equip future homes.

So, are you ready to live in a next-gen smart home? With Whitelion smart switches integrated home, you not only control home lights but just about everything – TV, AC, Geyser, Coffee machine, Camera, Washing machine, and everything you could think of!

The simple science behind smart home automation in India

Home electronic devices are linked via a frequency operating under your home broadband Wi-Fi, the homeowner can remotely access and operate these internet-connected devices even when they are not at home.

Build a smart home that turns on lights when you enter your bedroom, curtain on when the sunset happens and starts your smart TV when you hop on your couch. That’s the future of smart homes. 

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