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Whitelion Smart Switches in Surat

07 Dec, 2022

Whitelion smart switches in Surat are one of the best switches for many reasons. Let's check out the blog.

Today we are going to talk about Whitelion smart switches in Surat. Whitelion is the largest manufacturer of smart switches in Surat. Whitelion is an ISO 2001 9001 certified company. It was founded in 2014 and originally started as a collegiate project. The company has been manufacturing smart switches that are innovative and support home automation in India. Talking about the presence of Whitelion, it is present in various other states including West Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and 12 other states.

Whitelion is offering three types of switches range: Posh Series, Quartz Series, and Mocha Series. The Posh series is an affordable range switch. They come with many features like switches that are splash-proof and shock-proof. You can easily install the Posh series in the bathroom, kitchen, and other wet spaces of the house. Furthermore, these switch range is hassle-free and placed into modular frames.

Whitelion’s Quartz smart switches are frameless sophistication. The Quartz range is an executive range and looks minimalistic on the wall. The Quartz line is made of plain glass material, which makes them look attractive. The best part about these smart switches is that everything is included with the glass, so no sockets or plastic components are required.

The third and one of the most elegant smart switches range is Mocha. It does not require any external switchboards and can be directly integrated into the wall itself. These switches enhance your home interior and make it look seamless. In this range, Whitelion utilizes materials that customers choose to use for their walls such as wood, marble, tile, etc.  Moreover, they are specifically designed to make your home modern and as beautiful as possible.

Whitelion smart switches in Surat are one of the best switches for many other reasons too. These switches can be integrated with Alexa, Google Home, mobile apps, touch, and remote too. So, you can utilize your home in the best possible manner. If you want to turn on the switches, just say,” Alexa, turn on the lights.” It will do the job for you. If you want the curtains off at night, just say,” Alexa, close the curtain.” It will follow all your commands. So, these smart switches can give your home a real touch of smartness and make it work more efficiently.

Do you want to take more information on Whitelion smart switches? No worries! We are here to help you. Our Whitelion team engineers will help you get everything done. To experience Whitelion smart switches in Surat, visit our office. Take a live experience of our smart switches and get a free consultation from our engineering team.

Plan your smart home with us and get exciting offers. We will give you detailed consultation on how the switches work, how they can be operated, and how to plan them in your home. Moreover, Whitelion smart switches in Surat provide you with 7 year warranty period. For any technical assistant, our engineers are here to help you in the fastest manner. 

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