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13 Unbelievable features of Whitelion Smart Switches

07 May, 2023

Whitelion smart switches offer premium quality, affordable price and 7 years warranty. IP44 rated, splashproof and shockproof, with master button, retrofit; fast, easy install

Whitelion smart switches are designed with premier quality and the latest technology to offer an unmatched experience to homeowners. Here are the top key features of Whitelion smart switches:

1. Splashproof

Whitelion smart switches are IP44 rated splashproof. They can withstand splashes of water and are safe to install in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas with high moisture.

2. Master Button

Whitelion smart switches have an extra button called the master button. This helps in activating or deactivating all the lights with just one button press. It's ideal for homes with a number of lights installed.

3. Retrofit

Whitelion smart switches are designed to retrofit into existing switch boxes. They have the same size as regular switches so they can seamlessly replace them without any modifications to the infrastructure. This makes them easily upgradeable for a smart home. Moreover, you don’t have to make any change to the wiring system as well. With old wirings in your home, you can install smart switches. 

4. Shockproof

Shockproof switches are the most reliable and needed for the safety purpose. They are robust and shockproof. They have been built to withstand impacts and shocks during installation or usage without getting damaged. The shock absorption design ensures a long and trouble-free usage.

5. Two Way

Whitelion smart switches provide two way switching which allows controlling the light from both ends of the corridor or stairway. They have a master button at one end and a slave button at the other end for convenient two way switching.

6. Fast Installation

Get a fast installation of your smart switches at home. Whitelion offers fast and easy installation. The switches comes with detailed installation manuals and also video tutorials for DIY installation. The mirrors on the back help in precisely checking the direction before fixing them.

7. Quality Built

Whitelion focuses on providing high quality smart home products that are built to last. The switches are manufactured with premium grade materials and components. So, it ensures durability and a superior functional experience for years.

8. 7 Years Of Warranty

Whitelion provides a warranty of 7 years on their smart switches which is one of the highest in the industry. The long warranty demonstrates the level of quality, reliability and trust that Whitelion reposes in their products.

9. Wifi Compatibility

The switches are compatible with 2.4 GHz wifi networks. They can be easily integrated into any wifi smart home setup using the Whitelion app or voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Once the switches are connected to the wifi network in the home, they can be controlled remotely using smartphones, tablets, or even voice commands.

10. Scheduling 

For scheduling the lights and appliances, Whitelion switches does the best work. Users can set schedules to automatically turn the switches ON/OFF at specified times. This is useful for ensuring security, convenience and energy efficiency. For example, the porch light can be turned on at dusk and off at dawn automatically every day.

11. Scenes

Create the most amazing scenes or mood in home with scene panel with just one tap. Different scenes can be created for activities like party, meditation, night mode, morning mode, welcome home, and goodbye home. Each button is assigned to activate different scenes. This eliminates the need for manual switching of multiple devices.

12. Child Lock

Child lock feature is there to prevent unauthorized access or control by kids. When the child lock is enabled, the switches will ignore any manual or scheduled command until unlocked. This ensures safety and security especially in homes with kids.

13. Voice Integration

Integrate switches with various third-party devices voice assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri for control via voice commands. They also integrate with smart home platforms like SmartThings, Home Assistant, etc. for creating custom automations and routines using switches along with other smart devices.

Final Words

So, we just saw 13 top features of Whitelion’s smart switches. They are affordable, easy to use, safe, future-ready and energy efficient. Moreover, these switches meets the quality standards of the current smart home devices in available in the market. 

I would highly recommend Whitelion smart switches for upgrading any home to a truly smart home. For any queries or to know more about the amazing features and benefits of Whitelion smart switches, feel free to contact us.

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