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What Are Smart Touch Switches And How Are They Different From Full Automation?

02 Aug, 2021

During rush hour at homes, which is typically in the morning, when everyone is rushing either to their offices or schools, there are a few things which we might miss doing. When every member of the family is rushing to get ready, have breakfast, and reach their respective place of work, things can become quite chaotic.

Things only settle down once you reach your destination. And ultimately you remember that you have left all the switches on or did not close your windows! All of these occur only because you did not have the time to think about anything other than reaching your destination.

There are times you might not remember this unless you come back home to see everything running at full speed. A lot of energy and money has been completely wasted throughout the day!

At times like these, automation and smart light switch in our home come to the rescue. It is not automation that is needed to function the basic things in your house, like fans and lights.

How technology played a role in smart touch switches?

With the advancement in technology, there are now a lot of smart ways to combat these moments of negligible thoughtfulness. One of these smart ways is using smart touch switches.

Smart touch switches are basic touch panels that have switches that might or might not be connected to a normal switch. But what these smart touch switches do is give you control over the electrical of your house through your smartphone.

Since these smart switches are connected with your phones over Wi-Fi, it is easy to control the wifi light switch and fans of your house even when you are not present there at the moment. There are also options for voice control to control them.

Smart touch switches are an evolution of the old push-button switchboard. They turn power outlets into elegant pieces of art. With added form, there is also a whole lot of substance that comes along. These switches can be controlled via remote control. If you add a Wi-Fi connection chip into them then they can be controlled and scheduled via a mobile app.

These smart switches do not require expensive modifications to provide semi-automation. After all, if you can control the on/off switch of a device you can control it in most cases. So the ‘smart’ workaround to expensive Full Automation with touchscreens etc. is to just control the power outlet.

How are smart touch switches designed?

Smart touch switches have a touch panel in the front, a connector plate in the middle, and wiring at the back. At the back hidden behind the switch are also optional add-ons such as a Wi-Fi connection chip in Wi-Fi smart switch, a High Load Device, and others.

Full Automation usually features full-scale touch screens that are very expensive. The devices that connect into the IoT of Full Automation are usually all brand new Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Each device is state-of-the-art and expensive.

But people hesitate to change all of their beloved devices in one go. What works, works, and doesn’t need to be changed to fit with a new system. This is where ‘smart’ home automation through touch switches comes into play.

How do WhiteLion smart switches work?

With WhiteLion Smart Touch Switches, you can switch your devices on and off remotely. You can switch lights, curtains, your TV, AC, fan, coffee machine, etc., by using your mobile device using the WhiteLion mobile app. In addition to this WhiteLion switches can also be controlled simply by an infrared remote control. You can schedule your devices to go on and off at set times. You can set scenes in different rooms and even schedule the scenes to change at set times.

‘Smart’ touch switch automation brings the concept of Home Automation within the reach of a larger number of people. It decreases the entry barrier to enjoy the benefits of smart homes.

Typically, smart touch switches can perform a lot of functions with you sitting anywhere other than your house. Here are some functions that these smart touch switches can do pretty easily from anywhere on the globe:

1) Being able to control lights and fans with the help of voice control through a smart assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

2) Working as a remote control with the help of a mobile phone so that you do not forget to turn off the switches at home.

3) The smart touch switch is also able to schedule the time at which you want to switch on or off your appliances. You can set this time by yourself.

4) Smart touch switches are also capable of setting up different moods and ambiances depending on the activity you are doing.

5) WhiteLion smart touch switches connect to the traditional switchboards to make them smart. No rewiring is required.

6) The smart touch switches are compact & modular,they can fit in your normal electrical switchboard.

7) Along with controlling lights and fans, these smart touch switches can also control heavy electrical appliances, power outlets, and automated blinds and curtains with the addition of a High Load Device.

8) The design of smart touch switches is retrofit which helps reduce the installation time from hours to just a few minutes.

If you are looking forward to making your house automated, this is a great first step in that direction. You will easily get the idea and experience of having an automated house even if it is something this small. Moreover, it is a more budget-friendly idea as compared to fully automating the house.

Advantages of using smart switches over traditional ones

Smart switches might seem like an unnecessary addition to your house. But in the long run, they can have a lot of advantages which you might not even realize.

1) They are very convenient

With a smart touch switch in your house, everything gets connected to your smartphone over Wi-Fi. Since everything is connected, it gets very easy to switch on or switch off all the electrical appliances, fans, and lights without you having to get up to switch them off by yourself.

The smart electric switch system can also do smart things like dimming the light as per your requirement, turning the lights on when you enter the room and so many similar things which will make your life easy.

2) You have greater control over your house

With a smart touch switch, you have great control over your house. For example, while coming back home on a cold winter day, you can control your heating system to switch on an hour before you reach. This will ensure that you do not freeze anymore and come back to a home that feels welcoming.

You can also guide your smart touch switch to open the curtains in the morning and close them in the evening without having to get up from your cozy spot.

3) Save a lot of energy

Since the Wi-Fi-controlled switch works through a smartphone, you will realize that you are saving a lot of energy. If you leave any appliances switched on when they are not required, you can find it out and switch them off immediately even when you are not at home. This way you not only save a lot of money which you would have spent on your electricity bill, you save a lot of energy which is precious in today’s time.

4) Is it worth investing in these smart touch switches?

Well, if you are looking forward to making your home a little smarter, investing in the switches is a great option for trying out how automation truly feels like. If you like how your smart touch switch works you will definitely like a little more automation in your house.

If you are in search of the perfect smart switch then look no further, WhiteLion is the best choice. Our wide variety of smart switches are a great option to upgrade your home to a smart home. So, hurry up and evolve your switches with some smart features.

Smart switches add beauty to your home, with modern elegance.

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