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How To Enjoy uninterrupted family time with voice controlled Google & Alexa?

15 Aug, 2022

Invest in voice-controlled Google/Alexa smart devices like Alexa or Google Home devices so that you have uninterrupted family time at home

Family time isn’t always easy. In an ideal world, we would all sit down for dinner together every night and finish everything on our plates. The conversation would be lively and thoughtful, never awkward or boring. 


After dinner, activities would be wholesome and some of us wouldn’t sneak off to spend time in our rooms alone. Family time is refreshing. It’s a reminder that we are not alone or isolated but part of a family unit that has a collective identity, values, and traditions that bind us together. But even with the hectic pace of modern life, there are things you can do to ensure more family time at home. 


One way to do this is by investing in voice-activated devices like Alexa or Google Home devices so that you have uninterrupted family time at home without having to continually ask your child if they finished their homework or if they cleaned their room again. Here are some ways these virtual assistants can help you achieve uninterrupted family time:

1. Confirming the Routine

If you have children in a certain age range, then you are probably aware that kids thrive on routine. They like predictability, knowing what to expect and when to expect it. This is one of the reasons why schools tend to have a regular schedule for classes and breaks and why parents tend to feed their children at the same times of the day. 


By having a regular routine, the family becomes more organized and efficient. Daily tasks can be executed promptly and more time can be devoted to other aspects of life. There are some daily routines that can be very helpful when you want to create more family time. 


For example, every morning, you can have family members check their calendars and make a list of what they want to accomplish that day. You can also have them identify which chores they intend to complete. By doing this together, you are creating a sense of togetherness. You also remind everyone of their obligations and help them stay on track.

2. Dinnertime Magic

As mentioned earlier, family meals should be a highlight of any household. But sometimes, it’s hard to make time for them. There are times when one or both parents are working late or kids have activities that get in the way of sitting down for dinner on time. That doesn’t have to be the norm, though. 


With voice-activated devices, you can create more family time at home by setting a timer so that you know when it’s time to eat. You can also set a timer so you know how long to cook that steak, chicken breast, fish fillet, or another main dish. When the timer goes off, you can say, “Alexa, mark that as complete” so that you remember to remove that item from the oven or stove.

3. Organizing Morning Chores

Some mornings are chaotic. Kids are rushing around trying to get ready for school, parents are trying to get themselves ready for work, and everyone is madly dashing about. It can be easy for chores to fall by the wayside.


A voice-activated device can help you organize your mornings so that you have more family time at home. For example, you can say, “Alexa, mark that as complete” if a chore has been done. You can also use the virtual assistant to create a chore list, so everyone knows what still needs to be done. 


You can even have kids add their own chores to the list and then mark them as complete when they’ve been done. This is a great way to teach accountability and responsibility.

4. Bedtime Rituals

Bedtime rituals are important because they create a sense of calm and order in the home. They also give parents and kids a chance to connect with one another during a time when the rest of the world is quiet and still. If you want to create more family time at home, it may be a good idea to implement bedtime rituals like reading a story, saying a prayer, or reading a poem before kids go to sleep. 


A voice-activated Alexa device can also be helpful in this regard, especially if you want to create more family time at bedtime. You can use a speaker to play lullabies or other soothing music like sounds from nature to help your child transition from being active to resting peacefully. You can also use the speaker to read your child a story or recite a poem.


Family time is important for everyone, but it can be hard to find when you’re trying to juggle work, school, extracurricular activities, and more. With the right devices, you can bring these things together and make sure you always have uninterrupted family time. A voice-activated speaker is one of the best ways to do this. Know more about Whitelion smart home automation and how it works!

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