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5 Smart Things Your Smart Home Cannot Do Without

02 Aug, 2021

The world has turned to smart devices with much enthusiasm. Everywhere we look we see smart devices at work now, in homes and offices. The Internet of Things (IoT) is well and truly on its way into our lives.

A smart home with full automation is one which operates on its own with very little control required by the user. Lights switch on and off on their own, your TV records your favourite programs while you’re at work, your room temperature adjusts according to the weather outside, blinds open and close automatically to let in a certain amount of daylight, etc. This is achieved through an expensive but very intelligent system of smart devices. However you can also go the semi-automation route and pick and choose your smart devices to work on their own with some control from your end. This is a much more affordable route while also giving you the benefits and ease of home automation.

Below we will list 5 smart things that are a must in a smart home.

1) Smart Assistants such as Alexa and Google Home

These devices add voice control to your home. They can do a lot of things on their own like play the music you specify or answer your questions, make bookings, send messages, etc. Additionally these devices also connect to other smart appliances in your home like smart touch switches.

2) Smart Touch Switches

Why have regular old power outlets and switchboards when you can have touch panels now? Instead of going full automation with expensive touch screens, you can go the affordable way with capacitive smart touch panels. These smart touch switches connect to Alexa and Google Home devices and provide you voice control over your lights and appliances via Wi-Fi. The best thing about these smart touch switches is that you do not need to do rewiring of your entire house and the Wi-Fi chip in the switches relays your command from Alexa to your appliance via the Wi-Fi router. Smart touch switches like the Posh Series and the Quartz Series from Whitelion have elegant design. While Posh touch panels feature a plastic make, Quartz touch panels are made of 3mm toughened glass for a sleeker look. Both series have capacitive touch panels.

3) Smart TV

A smart TV is basically defined as a TV that has apps. Today almost all TVs are flat-screenLED TVs that are smart. You can attach other smart devices like Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and others to these TVs via the USB or HDMI ports provided on the side of the TVs and enhance their capabilities. A prominent feature of Smart TVs is the presence of USB ports. Today everyone uses USB pen drives and the age of the CDs, DVDs and even Blu Ray discs seems to be over. One can load content on the USB sticks and play them on the TV. The other prominent feature of Smart TVs is Wi-Fi connectivity. These TVs have an in-built Wi-Fi chip that connects to your router. You can stream content onto the TV from your other connected devices using DLNA protocol. The TVs can also be controlled via supported mobile phone apps.

4) Smart Refrigerator

A smart refrigerator will tell you when you’re running out of things like Eggs and Milk. Some that are even smarter will automatically even order these items from the vendors. These smart fridges have water outlets at the front. Some of them can even read aloud the contents of the fridge at the press of a button.

5) Smart Watch

A smart watch can send and receive messages and even do voice calls. It’s like having a mini mobile phone on your wrist. They are connected to the smartphone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but some even have Sim Card slots and can operate independently of the smartphone.

If you are in search of the perfect smart switch then Whitelion is your one stop solution. Our wide variety of smart switches are a great option to revolutionize your smart room. So, hurry up and fill your room with some smart features.

Smart switches add beauty to our home, with elegance of modern switches.

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