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5 Smart Switches For Heavy Duty Loads

02 Aug, 2021

Heavy duty loads refer to loads from equipment such as AC, microwave, garage door, etc. These appliances and equipment require a greater voltage of current. For your home, there is almost an unlimited variety of smart switches available in the market today. But not all of them can support a greater voltage of current.

The average smart switch in the market, can at max, support 10 to 15 amperes of current. You can use a switch that is not built for a high load application but it will soon wear-off and you will need to replace it. You need switches that can handle 30-50A for high load appliances and equipment.

Use this simple formula (Ohm’s Law) to calculate your Amperes requirement:

Current (Amperes) = Power (Watts) / Voltage (Volts)

Here are 5 smart switches for home built to handle heavy loads:

1) GE Enbrighten Plus Heavy Duty Smart Switch

This switch uses Z-Wave Plus instead of Wi-Fi to connect. So you will need a Z-Wave compatible hub like Samsung SmartThings. It is capable of up to 40A. It is a very rough and tough switch.

The minus point of this and other heavy duty smart switches below is that they are bulky and come in enclosures, except the one by WhiteLion below which has a hidden High Load Device attached to the circuit and fitted inside the switchboard enclosure. All others are built for the outdoors. This switch has a manual override button on the casing of the enclosure. The plus point is the external antenna which can transmit a signal up to 150 feet.

2) Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch

This could pass for an interior switch being small and tidy compared to the one above. This switch is capable of up to 40A and also uses Z-Wave. Due to the small size there is not enough room to work with wires inside this switch. The plus point of this switch is that it gives the longest range of up to 490 feet.

3) Migro Outdoor Heavy Duty Smart Switch

This one is also an outdoor switch like the GE switch above. This switch seems to have been manufactured for industrial use and is not suitable for home or office interiors, unless you want a big bulky box protruding out of the wall and outlets.

It is capable of up to 30A. The good thing about this switch, like the WhiteLion 6F switch below is that it uses normal Wi-FI and so you can control it via your regular Wi-Fi router and the application provided by the smart switch manufacturer.

4) WhiteLion 6F & 6FG Sprinkle Smart Switch

WhiteLion is an established company in India providing smart touch panel switches. With their special High Load Device any of their compatible switches can be converted to serve high load equipment and appliances. The High Load Device sits well inside the switchboard enclosure, hidden away from sight and on the outside you get a much sleeker looking modern smart switchboard with touch panel control instead of a bulky box or the old switches used in old power outlets.

The best thing about WhiteLion’s switches including the 6F (Posh Series) & 6FG (Quartz Series) is that they are all capable of being converted to Wi-Fi switches by adding in a simple Wi-Fi chip that the company sells alongside the High Load Device. Then these can be connected through your regular Wi-Fi router and controlled via the WhiteLion mobile app, which allows you to set schedules, sunrise/sunset settings and much more.

The greatest thing about WhiteLion switches is that you can buy them in two available series and in both series you have options to select a white or a black switch. The Posh series has plastic panels and the Quartz series has a 3mm toughened glass exterior for a more sleek look. This is the best option of all the above and below listed devices for interiors of homes and offices. Quartz can even work in the exteriors as it is splash-proof and waterproof. Apart from great looks, the touch switch price is also the most economical from all the other alternatives, making the WhiteLion touch switch option a no-brainer. Posh & Quartz are the best modular switches in India. It is hard to beat the elegance and convenience of a feather touch switch. Of all the touch screen switches in India, WhiteLion’s Posh and Quartz series are clearly the best option.

5) WiOn and DEWENWILS Heavy Duty Smart Switch

These two are the same product but sold by different companies. They run through Wi-Fi as well. However the apps for both are different, though they work in the same way. The apps can also be used for setting schedules, sunrise/sunset and vacation settings.

To conclude, all the above except WhiteLion are heavy duty switches meant with big bulky boxes. With the exception of Aeotech and WhiteLion, all others arWhitee meant for outdoor installation. WhiteLion switches with the High Load Device seems to be the best solution for indoor switches as they merge seamlessly with your interiors. You can even use WhiteLion switches for outdoor use as the Quartz series is splash-proof and waterproof .

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