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Facing difficulty finding a switch in the dark? Here is how smart switches can rescue!

11 Sep, 2022

Smart switches come with so many easy solutions and make human life efficient. To find out how smart switches actually rescue, read this article.

The real problem in many households is finding a switch in the dark room. Here is where the smart switch comes to the rescue. Smart switches come with so many easy solutions and make human life efficient. To find out how smart switches actually rescue, read this article. 

The problem of finding the switch in a dark room is not a new one. It has been a problem for a long time. In fact, it was said that the world's the first light bulb was invented for this very purpose.

In order to solve this problem, many people came up with various solutions. One of them is to use a flashlight to find the switch. But this method has its own problems too. For example, you will have to carry the flashlight around with you all the time and also use it when you want to turn off your lights.

Another solution is using a buzzer or alarm system to signal when someone enters your house and thus helps you locate the switch without having to turn on any lights at all. However, there are still some problems associated with these solutions as well; you need someone else (elderly parents) who can remember their personal code (some elderly people forget their codes easily which makes them vulnerable) or even an alarm system that can be easily tampered with by burglars (especially those who want to steal your money).

A third solution is installing smart switches in your home. These switches are easy to use. You can connect them with your smartphone app or even use voice control with Alexa-enabled switches features. There are easy operations of smart switches in a dark room. 

Whitelion Smart Switches Solutions 

Whitelion smart switches come with various features and design according to human use. These switches have a backlight so you can easily identify the switch panel in a dark room. If switches are installed with a Whitelion wifi chip, then you can easily operate your switches with just one tap on your smartphone.  So, your sleep is effortless, and no need to get out of bed to on or off the lights or fans. 

When thinking about getting smart switches at home, one question pops into your mind,” why do I need a smart switch?” We have thought of multiple reasons why you need smart switches and we came to know, that it fits in all the facets of your life. 

Sure, you can touch smart switches and light them up. But what if when you are away from the switch? Or when you are sitting on the bed and want to turn off the light without standing up? Such situations are where smart switches will rescue. 

So, Are Smart Switches Worth It?

Smart switches are fairly expensive and fairly easy to install. To upgrade your lifestyle, they are the best option to ease your life and as well as enhance your home interiors. Whitelion smart switches start with less than 10,000 of budget and you can make your home smart. 

We offer various ranges of smart switches that will suit your budget and style. We have three categories of smart switches: Posh (economical), Quartz (Glass finish), and Mocha (Luxury). Consider your needs and determine which smart switches range will be suitable for you. Mix and match smart switches with Wi-Fi chip, Alexa and make your next home plan by installing Whitelion smart switches. 

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