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Smart Home Comparison: Traditional vs Smart

02 Aug, 2021

Smart Lighting difference

Lighting is a crucial factor of home decor as it can influence our mood, performance, and mental health. Let’s discuss the comparison of traditional vs smart home. Traditionally, by clearing the wobbly (in particular near the window), strategically placing mirrors and painting light colored rooms. One used to try to make the most of natural light. On the other side, we do have smart lighting such as a Philips Hue, the Belkin WeMo LED, Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED, and so on. It is possible to synchronize lights, movies, and music, wake up, sleep. And remotely track the lights with remotes in case of smart homes. Although an introductory kit will set you up nearly $300. Intelligently filled bulbs are less energy consuming, longer-term, and healthier than most bulbs. You will save both money and resources in the long term.

We need fresh air

Before we used to get fresh air in garden areas. Air quality can influence our health, particularly at home, where we spend a great deal of time. Invisibility does not mean that what we cannot see has no existence. Indoors, especially in old houses and/or those with livestock, there are numerous airborne particles. One remedy for improving air quality is to preserve some indoor plants as natural air filters. Some of which also can eliminate odour or humidity (in toilets) and decorate your house.

Traditional techniques have become old. But with the smart home, life becomes easy. However, a smart air purifier may be your solution if you don’t have a green thumb and have a maintenance problem. Also, many of these intelligent air purifiers come with features such as night light, odour removal, and fan besides cleaning and controlling the room’s air quality. Dyson Pure Cool Connection (S$899 retail price) and Philips Air Cleaner 3000 Series (S$799 retail price) both fan-based and boost air quality. The Mi Air Purifier, which only focuses on air purification, is a cheaper option and costs less than half of the above prices. Mi Air Purifier helps you to turn on, off and is conveniently accessible from your mobile device.

The difference in locks

Gone are the days when people used to have locks and many keys. In the traditional vs Smart home, Smart homes come with digital lock systems. One can unlock and open a door without a key, thanks to a typical smart lock feature. It is perfect for people who appear to lose their keys or misplace them, or for people who consider a broken lock key. However, you do not need to think about this when you have a home insurance policy, because it has an EHA coverage covering these problems. Many intelligent locking functions include tracking and warning those who are entering and exiting your house. Imagine your mother visits unreported when you are not around, you can remotely open the door to let her in with the right smart lock.

The smart house has smart mirrors

An intelligent mirror is like your enchanted Snow White fairy tale mirror that gives more than a reflection! Ladies believe that your skin would be made perfect by endless natural light and an examination of your well being. Guys would like an intelligent mirror too, mainly so you can hear your favorite music or receive live news from a built-in mic. Many of you can also watch YouTube videos when you are taking your shower/bath.

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