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7 Tips To Find The Right Switches For Residential and Commercial Use

16 Jul, 2021

There are various aspects you need to go through while buying a new modular switch. We have listed some of the very important points to keep in mind while buying.

Both for residential and commercial, switches are that one element that can make a huge difference in almost everything. You need to double assure while buying switches. Give that classy and trendy taste to your home and business. 

The WhiteLion’s smart switches even offer two-way switching. From extensively defined technology to meet your demand, modular switches are on their way to success. Conventional switches have now become obsolete and are rarely used now. Conventional switches are no more in demand in the market. Modular switches have overtaken the demand. Modular switches provide several features making them more attractive.

How to find the right modular switch for residential use?

Switches are not only about boards and just conventional switching use but a lot more than that. You can command your house with these smart switches. These switches can work on your voice command or even with a remote controller as per your need. You need to keep in mind all the things about the interior of your home. Check whether that switch will blend with it or not. WhiteLion smart switches can easily fulfill your dream to get the best of your house and technology.

Here are 7 tips that are surely going to help you-

1. Decide switch type

The very first thing to be decided is what kind of switch you need and what will make your house look more beautiful and elegant. Conventional switches are totally out of fashion and new smart home switches are in trend.

Always check the rating of the switches. It provides you with a much clearer view and perspective for that switch. This is one of the very important factors while buying any switch.

2. Life of switch

The switch must be durable and have good longevity. Whitelion switches are known for their superior quality switches. It can work in high temperatures, moisture, and even during cold. No one wants to spend money repeatedly on the same things thus it is better to go for good-quality switches.

3. Ease of use

The ease of home automation is one of the most demanding factors in today’s era. With Wi-Fi-controlled switches, you are free to use your home appliance, lighting, etc with just one go.

Full home automation is the demand of the hour because every individual is busy so neither anyone wants to waste their time and energy nor their money. You can easily complete your daily chores with smart switches.

4. Aesthetic switches

Modular switches with fantasy luminous color are one feature that surely captivates every eye. These switches go perfectly with the modern smart house.

WhiteLion comes with posh series switches and quartz series switches, one with a frame and one with a frameless look. You can choose the switch as per your requirement. Both the switches are highly safe and secure and made with the best technologies.

Modular switches come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, prices, etc. you can have the best switch suiting your budget. Even modular switches can help you in saving electricity bills because of their advanced technologies that use less power.

5. Security

One might think that security is not a big issue for residential purposes, but security cannot be ignored even at the smallest level. You can have a check in your home with your smartphones, laptops, etc. this is easy to use.

Can be integrated along with other appliance-

Switches are not only meant for smart lighting but also to make it more user-friendly and to give your house a new and modern look. You can even integrate your other electrical appliances like the air conditioner into your smart electric switches.

For example- 

If you want to have a romantic ambiance in your home when you return, you can command your home even with your phone to dim the lights, play music, on the air conditioner and you can enjoy this as soon as you step into your house

6. Child safety

One of the very basic yet very important factors to keep in mind is child safety. Switches must be safe and safe for children and old age people.

These were the tips when choosing a modular switch for residential use.

But you must be wondering about commercial use, do not stress yourself; let’s have a quick check for commercial use.

How to choose the right modular switch for commercial use?

Both commercial and residential switches have different specifications, needs, and requirements.

The seven golden tips are-

1. Always go for a long life span-

When talking about commercials, switches are used extensively, thus, it is needed to have good long-life switches so you do not need to worry about switches more.

2. Check for overvoltage situation-

WhiteLion switches are made with the best technology. They are made with such quality that these smart switches can tolerate overvoltage (up to a specified limit).

3. Heat resistant and water-resistant switch-

Switches must be heat resistant as generally commercial areas have high temperatures therefore switches must be made with good material.

Spoiler alert for you! WhiteLion switches are both heat-resistant and water-resistant. This feature makes these switches more extraordinary and distinctive.

4. Quality-

You should never go for quantity over quality. Choose less but choose wisely and best because improper lighting can cause severe damage. To avoid such lighting you must need to properly look through the quality of switches.

5. Maintenance-

Maintenance must be easy and hassle-free. It should neither be too costly nor too complicated. Switches must be shockproof to remove any scope of an inevitable severe accident. 

6. Easily controlled-

For commercial purposes, it is necessary to keep a check on everything. WhiteLion smart light switches help you to easily control your home even if you are outside.

Wi-Fi switches help you to be more effective in controlling right from your phone. You can have global access to your home or business with just one application. Doesn’t it sound much trendier and perfect? Of course yes! From scheduling to live notification switches can offer several features to you.

7. Cost-effective-

Switches must be cost-effective. In commercials the ultimate goal is to optimize.

Smart switches for home automation are now the biggest demand in the market. Not only make your boring home into a smart home but also make your conventional commercial place much smarter and technology-friendly.

From endless features to design you can get a variety of modular switches in the market. You just need to have a brief idea about what is your need and requirement and you are almost halfway done with your purchase.

The only thing that matters, at last, is your satisfaction. Your time and energy are precious, do not waste them uselessly. Go with the above tips, make your mind, set your goal, and then implement your plan of action accordingly. It’s always better to be more cautious when going for the purchase of electrical switches or appliances.

Bottom line

It’s always better to go for quality things. Good quality witches may firstly appear costly but when you look upon the other factors like repair, maintenance, etc. you can understand why you need to pay for quality products.

To summarize all of it, the above-listed points were an overview of what you need to look upon while buying switches. In short, it is about quality, longevity, durability, safety, and automation that provide the base for any decision.

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