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Pre-Diwali And Pre-Wedding Home Renovation Ideas In 2023

18 Sep, 2021

Diwali is around the corner and so is the wedding season. Festivals require a remodel  of your home specially, since now we are spending more time at our homes. Therefore, we have brought to you some home renovation ideas that you can use this year to make your home look festive ready. 

1. Renovate your pooja room - Pooja rooms are the most important rooms during the festive as well as the wedding season. Therefore, you should try renovating it first.

You can replace the old wooden work with marble or glass work. If you are keeping the walls in a neutral colour then you should try putting bright lights in red, orange or green hues.

Buy colorful carpet to create a cozy sitting area before the idols. 

You can even add floor cushions that have a back support for elders to comfortably sit.

2. Re-paint your house in a different color palette - Changing the colour palette makes a world of a difference. It is always suggested that you change the colour palette from time to time. And if you are planning to renovate your house for the festive season or if there is a home wedding coming up, then now is a perfect time to paint your house too. Without doing much to your house, you can change the entire look of your house by just changing the colours of your house. 

3. Remodel your furniture - You can instantly change the aesthetic of your rooms by changing the upholstery. For this you can simply use old sarees or dress materials. Hire a nearby tailor and get stitched your new cushion covers. Just make sure that the designs on the saree gives a festive feel and if you are using two or more types of dress materials then they should all complement each other. You can even play with the texture of the clothes and incorporate materials that have different textures. 

4. Add glamour with lights - Diwali is the festival of lights. So why not go with the obvious? If you have the budget, try new lighting or replace old fixtures. If not, try string fairy lights or floor lamps.

You can even buy a new chandelier for the living room and make your home wedding more glamorous.

With lights, the options are endless. You just need to find a light fixture that goes with the aesthetic of your room.  

5. Change carpets, rugs and doormats - Home accessories like these make a world of a difference. They simply elevated the look of a place instantly. They bring a new feel to the room as they are eye-catching. Don't stick to the traditional doormats, try finding interesting and quirky doormats with emojis or quotes or some interesting patterns. 

6. Redecorate your entrance - Entrance makes the first impression of your house in the minds of the guests.  Therefore, this festive season, make your entrance grand by adding plants. You can place them inside traditional copper or brass pots, or you can simply buy hand painted earthen pots from local potters to add a dash of color to your entryway. Stick to the traditional look that matches with the Diwali or wedding theme. Add a lot of lights to complete the look. 

7. Change old switch panels - Imagine your completely remodel home but the switch panels are still the old one. That would not be a very good sight. Switch panels play the same important role in a room as a couch. If the couch is a misfit for the room or even if it is misplaced, the entire look is destroyed. You need to keep upgrading your switch panels to smart switch panels  when you change the aesthetic of your room. You can choose from a lot of options of digital and smart touch switches .

These were our Pre-diwali and Pre- Wedding ideas for you. In case you are still confused about the switch panels that you should install in your house, head on to www.whitelion.in. We are the largest smart switch manufacturer offering various types of smart switches and panels.Have a look at our Motion and TV sensors which are sure to transform your home into a smart home.  

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