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New Era of Touch Switches

02 Aug, 2021

Indeed, technology is driving the world around. Every area of life touched by technology. Our homes and offices are not excluded from this. Improvement of Home on the light switch has some serious requirements control conditions. If you want to choose a smart and practical home or office light switch then touch switches will be your sure bet. The new era of switches into the market has received the user’s praise. Of course, the product is relatively expensive, but then the price is the worth of practical high cost. The most significant thing is the fact that the electrical circuit has very good control. It often referred by many as the best with the safest switch. To help you understand the touch switches, let’s get to define the product. 

What is Touch Switch?

It is a kind of switch that you only have to touch to operate. Also, it used in several lamps and wall switches that have a metal exterior. And also used in public computer terminals. A touchscreen comprises a collection of touch switches on display. The product is the simplest type of tactile sensor. These switches used in numerous electronic devices, extending from lamps and overhead light fixtures to computers, TVs, etc. The touch switches provide a clean, low-profile design that a lot of users and business owners alike. Because it is better than the traditional mechanical switches. You don’t need to long press but instead, you need to do is touch so it will further trigger the circuit to either open or close.  


There are three major types of touch switches: 

All these switches have touch-based operations, which entail you can only open and close the respective electrical circuit just by touching the switch. The three major types of touch switches comprise resistive, capacitive, and piezo.  

Resistive Touch

This type of switch requires only two electrodes to be physically in contact with something electrically conductive (for instance, a finger) to function. This operate by lowering the resistance between two pieces of metal. Therefore, it is much simpler in construction when compare to the capacitive touch switch. Keeping one or two fingers across the plates does a turn on/off condition. Taking away the finger(s) from the metal pieces turns the device off. 

One operation of a resistive touch switch would be two transistors. In which the base of the first transistor connected to that of the conductors. 

Capacitive Touch

A capacitive touch requires only one electrode to operate. The electrode can be positioned behind a non-conductive panel such as glass, wood, or plastic. The touch operates using body capacitance, a property of the human body that provides its electrical characteristics. The switch continues charging and discharging its metal exterior to sense changes in capacitance. When somebody touch it, their body raises the capacitance and triggers the switch.

This type of switches are available on sales as integrated circuits from a number of producers. It can also be used as a close proximity sensor. 

Piezo Touch

These switches are built on the mechanical bending of piezo ceramic, which is normally constructed right behind a surface. This solution allows touch interfaces with any material. Another feature of piezo is that it can also work as an actuator. Current commercial solutions build the piezo switch in such a way that touching it with just about 1.5 N is enough, even for hard materials like stainless steel.


Their benefits can be reflected in several areas. The contact resistance of the smaller charge is the first. The resistance charge is quite small, so its use is safest. It does not cause any electric shock. Even they does not cause a short circuit or Power failure. So regardless of any arm this kind of switches are safe to use. 

The second benefit is its accurate functioning, and the intensity you use when touching the switch is totally different. It will not cause terminal problems.

The third benefit is that its specifications are very different. They come in different models and brands, we can purchase according to our requirements, of course, it can be customized. This will save resources and satisfied our needs. 

Other benefits include – the LED of the switches helps you to find it in darkness. You do not have to press heavily but easily touch the switch, and turn on/off the electric device. The product is superior and gives a new magnificent look to any home.

Bottom Line

Well, apart from these switches, Whitelion provides Capacitive based touch switches in different variant such as POSH and QUARTZ. They further divided into color variants either White or Black.

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