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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions On Lightning

02 Aug, 2021

If you are also renovating your house then you must recheck your lighting even if you are in the process of buying a house if you certainly need to have a check on the lighting of the house. A good light system is all that a house needs.

Light needs to be more adequate and best suited to your needs and requirements. But this lightning topic comes with some questions. Now here are answers to your questions-

1. Why do I need good lighting?

Lighting is an essential part. Everyone needs good lighting in their home to make the eyes feel good and relax. If lighting is not good your eyes will suffer because of extra strain on them. To avoid such issues you must go for good lighting.

Light is not just for students but you can play with lights, decorate your home with lights and get your home perfect.

2. When should you plan to light?

Well, it certainly does not depend on any such thing. It is about you and your home. You can start it the very moment you realize you need to have it. But the important part is to have a good plan of action before starting any work, so you don’t mess up with things.

Not every individual has good money in their hands to start work. You may think good lightning requires large money but it does not comply with it. You can even have the best-fitted lighting system for your house.

3. How to allocate a budget for lightning?

As already said, lightning is an essential part of any home. So you cannot skimp on spending money on lightning. It’s better to spend money to get quality work rather than spending it again and again to fix the issues. Even if you do not have a handsome amount of money, start with small rooms and then proceed as per your need and budget.

Apart from normal lightning, smart lightning is very much in trend due to several benefits like cost-effective, easy to use, easily controllable, etc.

4. What is smart lighting?

The light which can operate in a much more smart way than the conventional ways of switching lights on and off is known to be smart lighting. They can be controlled by phone, laptops, tablets, etc. WhiteLion’s smart switches offer you such a lightning system. 

One may think smart light may not be safe and may cause a functioning error, but you need to have good quality products and you do not face such issues.

5. How much smart lightning is safe?

You just need good-quality switches to be safe because the hero of smart lightning is its switches. Use the best quality switches to maintain the safety standard in your home and even if you have a child, you can go for it. It provides you the ease of home automation.

6. Can you use lightning outside the house?

Yes! Absolutely yes! Modern smart switches can work even in high temperatures, rain, and snow. So you can use smart home switches even outside to get your favorite area to lighten up with light. WhiteLion offers you heatproof, shockproof, and waterproof switches.

With growing technology, many questions arise and some very basic questions are about its controllability, security, and availability. 

7. How to control smart lights?

You can control it with number of ways like-

  • Speech- These smart lights and switches can easily be controlled by voice command.
  • Remote control- You get a remote with a sensor that is used to control lightning with more ease.
  • Sound- This is a much more fantasy-like feature. This lighting can even respond to sounds as per set instruction.
  • Sensors- Some lightning systems have installed sensors; once they detect a human being passing they will automatically turn on lights. This feature is very useful for old people.  Etc.

You can even control them with your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to use and is Wi-Fi controlled switch adding more to its benefits. You can even integrate smart light with your smart home giving you more ease and efficiency.

It is just a one-app method that can be easily used on your tablet or phone or laptop. Smart electrical switches are connected to your phone or any other device and can be easily controlled.

The right intensity of light is one of the major factors. You do not need to overdo lightning because it will also cause a severe adverse effect on your eyes.

8. How much light is needed for a normal size room?

This is something based on your personal preference plus your eye health. Every room may require a different amount of light, for example, the study room needs to be equipped with good lighting and your bedroom need not have higher watts of light.

So it depends on your choice. Extra light cam even put more stress on your eyes. You can have them and enjoy every moment with good lights. One of the basic problem is with the position of lights in a room. It must be kept in accordance with other things in that room. 

9. What should be the direction of light?

It depends on the color of your ceiling and the positions of furniture in your room, like a light pointing upward with a white ceiling will reflect most of the part to the floor. So you need to check it, check whether the area which needs to have maximum light is getting it or not and also that there must be fewer reflections of furniture or material on each other if you do not purposefully want to do it.

10. How to be more cost-effective?

WhiteLion offers you the best quality product at a very effective cost. WhiteLion comes with two smart switches- the Quartz series and the posh series. The former comes with a frameless appearance and the latter gives your framed look. You can opt for what you want.

Even after installing it, you can save a lot of energy thus reducing your electricity bill. These Wi-Fi switches are in demand and very cost-effective.

The above mentioned questions are some of the frequently asked questions. Lightning is all that makes the base of a perfect house. Even if you make a palace but you don’t have good lighting, what will you do? Perfect light is what adds to the value of your home. Imagine your house to be perfect architect, but not proper lights, it will be depressing and you will not even enjoy living in your home.

Just as good clothing requires time and quality, the same way a good home requires good lighting. These questions are the best for solving your queries. Nevertheless, there may be some more queries like which light is better- LED or halogen lights? This also depends much on your needs. What do you want and what are the basic requirements? Your approach needs to be calculative.

Bottom line-

Quality matters more than quantity. Instead of occupying more of the commodity as in number, try to focus more on quality. Since the customer demand is way more uncertain thus the trends are ever-changing and highly evolving. Lighting is one such demand; you need to be more dependent on your requirement and your needs. Good lighting makes your house look more astonishing and ravishing. You can try several lighting options and finally get to what you need and what suits your budget.

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