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How Real Estate Will Drive Smart Home Automation Adoption?

19 Jul, 2022

Real estate companies must leverage smart home automation technology that can change their selling dynamics. 

Many real estate firms today lack the fully integrated, end-to-end digital capabilities required to compete in today's market. There are numerous advantages to implementing smart home automation, including improved customer experience with real estate properties and the overall valuation of the project.

Real estate companies must leverage smart home automation technology that can change their selling dynamics. New upcoming real estate projects in India can easily integrate smart home solutions.

There was almost no category left unturned when it came to smart homes. Appliances, toilets, mirrors, garage door openers, door locks, shower heads, and security systems were all on display once more. The smart home technology now can truly turn – all these devices can be linked. Many of them are linked and activated by voice. It will make consumers' life easier to envision a future of smart homes. Whitelion offers fully integrated smart homes that connect devices that work together to create a seamless and truly helpful holistic user experience.

The real estate industry is the one that can truly create a remarkable change in smart home technology. Today’s millennial and their life is different from our grandparents and their life. Today’s life is fast-paced and everyone walks behind the easy and clutter-free life. Therefore, adopting smart home technology can be a new thing for realtors to again catch up with the market trends.

The growing appeal of the residential market among estate investors is undeniable. While the pandemic has proved its resilience, the structural shift in portfolio weighting towards the living sectors continues to take hold. According to the real estate industry data, residential accounts for 26% of global real estate investment, just behind the office, which accounts for 27%.

Moreover, technology adoption has accelerated by the covid-19 crisis. Residential developers and architects have been taking advantage of an array of smart home solutions not only to add value to their properties and improve customer experience but also to achieve greater operational efficiency. Now it’s time for real estate industry builders to adopt smart home solutions to interface with people’s lives in an easy way.

Though most real estate builders have realized that tech is the way to go, particularly, it manages the home and appliances remotely. One of the cool things about smart home adoption is providing self-guided tours. It allows residents to take tours at their convenience through smart access controls and without the need to interact with traditional technology like tick-tock switches.

Real estate properties can take bigger advantage of smart homes and smart tech solutions. Contact Whitelion to make your home smartly integrated with appliances and lighting controls.  

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