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How Does A Smart Light Switch Work?

02 Aug, 2021

Smart light switches are an evolution of the traditional switches. Apart from turning your lights on and off like usual, these smart switches also provide you with much greater control over your home. By using an app on your smartphone you can access your switches whenever you need from wherever you are.

Are smart switches compatible with Wi-Fi-controlled switches?

There is confusion around whether the smart switches are just tunable lighting systems. These are easily compatible with Wi-Fi controlled switches and the tunable lighting uses smart LED bulbs to adjust the color temperature. For example, in the morning you may want a warmer temperature to get you going, but in the evening you may want to wind down with the cold temperature and turn the lights soft.

Bulbs linked to a normal switch work only as long as the button is switched on. But by pairing the bulbs with a smart switch, you get greater functionality and convenience. You can control smart switches with your mobile phones and tablets. This system can be known as a phone controlled light switch.

Smart light switches provide quick operation of multiple lights with a single button and provide multi-user access, so anyone in your home can control your lights. The smart electric switch provides complete control and the option of a portable switch remote that can add accessibility benefits.

How can you upgrade your home with smart light switches?

Before controlling our home with smart home switches that work with a smartphone app, we must first understand the meaning of smart. Smart switches require a 2.4 gigahertz home Wi-Fi network. This network, while slightly lower in speed, has a much longer signal range from the router making it ideal and more dependable for smart switches for home automation. A Wi-Fi router is the most common thing used for replacing traditional switches into smart switches.

Is a smart Wi-Fi switch the easiest way for creating your smart home?

Smart Wi-Fi switches and Bluetooth are the simplest ways for creating a smart home and these are very appropriate for smaller homes. By adding more devices to your network, your convenience levels go up. For large apartments and multi-storey homes, it may be beneficial to use a Wi-Fi network over any other smart home wireless protocol.

A Wi-Fi electrical switch connects to your home Wi-Fi network and provides remote control access through an app on your smartphone or tablet. the traditional setup at your home can be upgraded to smart with smart light switches also by making the following changes:

Replace bulbs with smart bulbs and add smart plugs

Smart bulbs can also be operated remotely. But by simply using a smart plug you can make your existing bulb smart so it can switch on or off from anywhere using your smartphone. Smart plugs have a Wi-Fi chip that allows them to communicate with your smartphone just like a Wi-Fi switch does.

Upgrade your home IQ

In some ways, a smart switch isn’t much different to a traditional switch as you can control it from the wall just like you always did. The benefit of smart switches is added functionality. You can remotely operate the lights with a smart home light switch and also be able to dim the light with the remote. They can work effectively with your existing fixtures.

Wired or wireless switch

When you are going with a smart light you need to decide whether it goes wired or wireless. Wireless makes perfect sense if you are renting as you don’t need to carry out any extra work on the wiring already in place. But if you still want a smart switch then you can use it with the current switch system by swapping out. In that, you get a fully integrated controlling method with a Wi-Fi light switch.


If you are just interested in smart locks, some simple smart bulbs and perhaps a speaker, you would not run into too many issues with communication standards. A smart home includes door automation. For large apartments with many smart light switches, there are two available protocols – Z-wave and Zigbee. 

Digital assistants

You already use Alexa, Siri, or Google assistant. Smart light switches include compatibility for multiple smart assistants, so you can choose your favorite digital butler. Home Automation switches can be operated with your voice commands. Apart from speaking directly to the smart assistant device, we can also pass voice commands via our phone and tablet apps of these smart assistants.

Dimmers and on-off switches

With all the basics in place, your smart light will make your home nicely illuminated, but there is one more decision to make. You need to choose either a dimmer or a full on-off switch. Wi-Fi smart switches have both the options.

Benefits of using a smart light switch

There are so many benefits of using the affordable smart switch in home automation. Here are a few great things about Home Automation besides looking cool and hi-tech in front of everybody.


Smart light switches provide convenience enabling you to easily control your light with your smartphone. From the demo functions, we can understand the system of on or off. Smart light switches can automatically adjust your bedroom lights, making it slowly grow brighter as you wake up.

Greater control

When you start linking your Quartz switch panel system to other devices things get more interesting. The brightness of the smart light will be automated accordingly and you can set temperatures according to the brightness of the place.

Better security

The most basic way to improve security is to give the appearance of your property having people in it when you are actually on holiday. You can do this by scheduling lights to go on and off automatically. Smart outdoor lighting can be linked to motion sensors. Smart touch switches are one of the best components to a smarter & safe home for your family.

Lowered electricity bills

Lighting makes up on average 12% of your total electricity consumption. Thus your smart life switch can pay for itself within the first two years if not sooner. A single smart switch can control multiple bulbs and the price of some smart bulbs is comparable to the Wi-Fi switch price.

Helpful with your hands full

Voice-activated lights are just like magic. In some situations, you can use a command to turn your lights on or off. If you have many bags of groceries in each hand, you could use a smart light switch panel.

If you are sure about your needs and are considering home automation, then you must go for elegant smart light switches to make your home smart and beautiful. In Home Automation, all devices get remote controllability. Your home automation can use Wi-Fi, Z-wave, Zigbee, or other wireless communication for transmitting and receiving. It provides a safe and convenient environment.

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