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How do Whitelion Smart Home Solutions make your home more friendly?

02 Aug, 2021

Technologies do not stand still, all the objects of everyday life around us are constantly being improved. Progress has not spared such a familiar subject to all as a light switch. Since buttons and switches used in a wide variety of fields, they have evolved into devices for everyone. They are available in a variety of colors, materials, sizes, and power ranges. They distinguished by their striking design as well as easy operation. Whitelion provides the best smart home solutions to its customers. There are different models of touch switches at Whitelion. It reacts even to the slightest touch. The human body has a weak electrical charge. Therefore, a sensitive sensor can pick it up.

The touch switches consist of several mandatory components, such as:

  • A highly sensitive element that responds to the approach of a person or his touch to the surface of the sensor.
  • A signal amplifier that assembled on microcircuits or semiconductors.
  • A switching device that includes a load, such as a mini-relay or thyristor.

Experts say that devices that include a thyristor are more reliable. This is due to the lack of a contact part. Over the time, the latter can oxidize or burn.

Benefits of the Touch Switches

Whitelion Smart home solutions has many advantages:

  • absolutely silent work
  • large selection of models
  • stylish appearance
  • there is a galvanic isolation, which makes the operation of the device safe for humans
  • the sensor reacts to touch even with wet and damp hands
  • mechanical breakdowns are impossible in principle
  • long service life
  • Several switching systems can be created in one device

It is these advantages that make the presented device popular. It is a stylish addition to modern interiors too.

Control all of your Switches with Wireless network

Control all audio and video systems, lighting, climate, windows and shutters, security systems and much more from one single remote control, wall panels, or via a laptop. Management and control can carry out at a distance: through any computer connected to the Internet or via SMS commands from a personal phone. So you can watch your home from anywhere in the world – all this with the highest level of security and in real time! The development of wireless technologies has given a powerful impetus to the use of touch-sensitive tablets, smartphones, as well as laptops. As touch-sensitive control panels for “Smart Home”.

All these mobile computer device successfully used both as conventional remote controls and for remote access to Smart Home systems. That is, no matter how far from your home, wherever in the world you are, you always have the ability to control. And also manage the automated complex of Smart Home devices.

The Whitelion smart home system can turn off emergency sections of electrical circuits in the event of a fire hazard. Thus, the state of all communications is under constant control. And in the event of any malfunctions, appropriate measures will be taken immediately and a message will be sent to the owners.

You can check the product a Whitelion provides to you is POSH & QUARTZ which have color variants of Black and White.

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