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25 Sep, 2021

Srishty Design Associates is a leading Architectural Planning and interior designing firm based in Rajkot, Gujarat. Their recent project which is a Residential stand alone house is worth giving a look as this project has been a finalist in Spaciux Online Design Contest 2020. Let us tell you what makes this house worth noting - 

Interior designer Kirit Dodiya explains the challenges that led him to think out of the box and design this house in a completely unique way. The design elements of the house were a result of the environmental challenges and client brief. 

The client brief for the house was simple - vibrant interiors and dramatic exterior. The plot was on a location which was adjacent to two adjoining roads. The first challenge was to provide protection from the buzz of the road but also to provide natural light and ventilation inside the house. The designers curated wooden louvers on the first floor to curb the chaos of the road and to provide protection from the harsh sunlight of the harsh west sun. The louvers are detailed out with maximum width to have easy optimism covering both broad facades. It also cuts out the harsh sun and acts as a double layer of noise cutting for the house. The west facade of the house also has large trees to provide protection for the outside sitting area. 

This house has a 4200 sq ft built-up area and has 2 floors - the ground floor and the first floor. The ground floor has a living room, home theatre and sitting area. The living room is connected to the sitting area and the garden. And hence, the shadows of the trees provide a soothing effect in all these rooms. The first floor has all the bedrooms.

The inside-outside feel was provided in the building by installing wooden louvers which are opened vertically. The rooms feel more breathable and better lit by these. The exposure of bricks, RCC and granite stone in construction gives the building a very earthy connection with contemporary look. The exposed brick walls and cladded bricks give depth and drama to the exterior.

The interiors are flooded with natural light and shadow, bright and warm colored accent walls, natural stone flooring, and wood. The house is made in a very urban way. It is also a smart home as it is installed with a lot of smart gadgets and appliances along with smart switches and switch panels. 

The architects and interior designers have amalgamated the switch panels that are also smart to match the smart and contemporary interiors of the place. Whitelion smart switches have been used in all the rooms of the house. 

Whitelion is India’s very own Home Automation Technology and Home Automation company. It manufactures and develops smart switches that are compatible with Alexa and Google Home Technologies. Our smart switch panels come in three variants - Quartz, posh and Mocha. We have also recently launched  motion sensors and tv sensors to make your home future ready. Head on to www.whitelion.in  to have a look at the wide range of Home Automation Products that we offer. 

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