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Frequently Asked Questions

Do smart switches work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, smart switches work without Wi-Fi. The touch operation works like a regular switch but it is better, as mobile touch technology is used for a feather-touch operation. Remote control feature also works without Wi-Fi. But what makes the switch really smart is the Wi-Fi chip. By adding it, you connect your smart home switches to the home Wi-Fi network. Then, you can operate your lights and appliances with a smartphone using the WhiteLion Mobile App. You can then also voice control your switches through smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Do smart switches require smart bulbs?

No, your smart light switch will work independently of a smart bulb. Infact, you can convert old bulbs to work like smart bulbs by having a Wi-Fi smart switch.

Can smart switches dim lights?

Yes, a smart touch switch has light dimmer functionality. Smart switches in India can also regulate fans. The remote control also has options to change fan speed, dim the lights and set lighting scenes.

How do no-neutral wire smart switches work?

If your wiring has a neutral wire, good. But even if it doesn’t you need not sweat. Some smart electric switches with a dimmer feature can reduce the current flow to dim the lights, but still keep enough power flowing for the Wi-Fi and remote control radios to work. WhiteLion Smart Switches for Home Automation require no rewiring.

Are there any smart switches that don't require a neutral wire? Do smart switches need a neutral?

WhiteLion Smart Switches have a smart touch switch board with a dimmer feature and don’t require a neutral wire. But yes, some smart switches require a neutral wire, in which case adjustments have to be made.

Are there any smart switches that work with "dumb," regular light bulbs?

WhiteLion smart switch panels work with “dumb”, regular light bulbs and make them them dimmable, voice controlled, app controlled, remote controlled and add lighting scene functionality.

Where can I find the best Wi-Fi smart switches in India?

Right here at whitelion.in! WhiteLion is India’s largest manufacturer of smart touch switches. We have a dedicated research & development department to produce our technology in-house. Our superior logistics and distribution channels make our smart touch switch panels available at electronic products shops in a large number of cities spread across the country. Our excellent service team answers queries within 24 working hours and our products carry a 7 year unbeatable warranty.

Can smart switching cut your energy bills?

Yes definitely! With smart switches, you have easier access to switch on or switch off your lights and appliances. You can use a remote control to control multiple devices and switchboards seated comfortably in one position. Voice control makes it even easier and you don’t even require to reach the remote control. The smart scheduling feature in the mobile app allows you to set exact times to your lights and appliances on or off. All these facilities help you cut your energy bills. WhiteLion switches price is already very affordable and with the savings in electricity bills, the switches pay for themselves over time.

Are there any smart switches that can replace a dimmable fan/light switch?

Yes, WhiteLion automation switches have dimmer functions and fan speed regulation functions built in.

Which smart home switch is best?

WhiteLion switches are the best choice for Home Automation. You can choose from 3 series of WhiteLion switches as per your requirement. Each one is the best in the market. The Posh Series has an acrylic build and matt finish. The more elegant looking Quartz Series has a toughened glass exterior and glossy finish. The Mocha Series are customized switches that we build into any surface of your wall such as wood or marble, etc. and drill holes in the panel, install the fixtures behind it and put it back to fit seamlessly back into your wall without disturbing the look of your interior with a rectangular switchboard that juts out from your beautiful interior design..

What should I look for in a smart switch?

You should look for the switch that has existed in the market for a long time, is made in your own country instead of being simply imported and recpacked, has excellent state-of-the-art and latest features, does not require rewiring, has good service staff, is easily available at shops in the market and offers excellent value for money. WhiteLion Smart Switches fulfill all these requirements. Take a look at the WhiteLion price list in the downloads section in the footer below and you will agree that we offer the best features and have the best value-for-money products.

Is it easy to install a smart switch?

Yes, it is very easy. Any electrician can easily install WhiteLion Smart Switches in your home without any rewiring in a matter of a few hours. Remote control switches for home offer you the convenience of remote operating all your old fans and lights that never came with a remote control.

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