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Convert Your Boring Home into a Smart Home

16 Jul, 2021

With the advancement in technology, every home needs automation. If you are confused between a normal home, a smart home, and a weird home this is right for you. 

Get your appliance on with smart switches

Imagine getting your switches on without even touching the switches; just get it done using Whitelion’s smart switches. Leave that conventional switch and get the exotic feel in your home through these switches. Make your home more lavish and splendid and make it a perfect smart home with our smart switches. Get your house updated with such elegant smart switches. 

Our best-selling switches include the posh series and Quartz series smart switches. These both switches will make your house smart and convenient. Ask your technological assistant to help you in your home and perfect living ambiance. Just give the voice command and you are done with your work. From switching on lights to turning on the music you can do whatever you want.

Why go for such homes?

It is not that normal homes are not good but living with technology and making your home smart gives you the most exciting feeling ever. Our smart switches give you the ease of home automation. Both posh switches and quartz switches will help you in doing so. 

You just need to know your preference and priority and you can easily get whatever you want.  WhiteLion is the best smart electric switch available on the market at the most effective cost.

We give you watches with Wi-Fi technology, voice command, good finish, more technology, etc. there is a list of features we give in our switches.

Control your home with your voice

Control your home with the best smart home switches. These switches help you to get live updates, to avoid any mistake you can even set a notification for your application. 

If you have small children in your home and are afraid of using this voice-controlled technology, you can even set a child lock. Make your daily task more sophisticated and easy with a home automation system using a smart home switch. WhiteLion allows you to do several features like-

  • Modular switch
  • Voice command
  • Child or guest lock
  • Notifications
  • Reminder, etc.

WhiteLion remote control to make your work easy and simple

Our smart switches give you the freedom to control your switches through a remote controller. You can regulate your fan, scene control, have a modern exotic design, infrared sensor, etc. our remote offers a tactile button, and light on/off the system with indicator light. Our remotes have dimmer control and master control.

Get access to your home from anywhere

You can get live updates of your home from anywhere. If you want Wi-Fi-controlled switches; we give you the best quality of these switches. These switches are available in many looks and many ranges depending on your requirement. 

Global access to your home give you many features including-

  • Scheduling
  • Scene control
  • Guest look
  • Live notification and many more.

Which one is better?

Well here is the spoiler alert. Both our switches, posh switches, and quartz switches are water-resistant. This feature is something that adds to the quality and features of our switches. This plus point makes our switches more demanding and the best in the market. Posh switches can work even after it is intruded with water. Because of this quality, our smart electrical switches make it perfect for even out of your home or terrace and make our device live long and with the proper working condition and best effect.

What look do you want? 

If you want a frameless switch you can go for Quartz series switches and for framed you can opt for posh series switches. These smart light switches with intricate design features are the best for making your house look beautiful and more ravishing. These astonishing-looking switches are a perfect option for your house automation. Our switches come in a large variety depending on your requirement and demand. We work to make you satisfied with our best quality smart switches.

These smart switches for home automation give you live updates and the best of features you can think of. There are even child mode and a guest looking for your home. Child lock features make it safer and secure for people having children in their home.  Generally, for such couples it is easy to manage smart switches but now you are free to use smart switches because of this feature. Even for old age group people these switches can be very beneficial and safe too. 

Overview of posh series switches and quartz series switches

Posh series switches have a magnificent and ravishing look. These switches are heatproof and shockproof. With their durable quality, these are perfect for every house. They have the best sensors with the best quality touch and framed look. You can even add a child lock to make it more safe and more perfect. Both switches are the best in quality and with long running life.  Their work efficiency is commendable. They can work in almost every situation because of its shockproof and waterproof features.

Quartz series switches will give your house the most astonishing look. These frameless switches give you the most elegant and classy look and are best for smart switches for home automation. It gives you a perfect mix of technology and professionalism. With the best look, Wi-Fi switches and lighting effect, it can transform any house into the best house and smart too. Wi-Fi switches make it more convenient to use and make it available with all other specifications and best quality.

Technical aspects of WhiteLion switches

Some of the very important specifications of our smart switches are-

  • Working temperature- 0 to 65-degree Celsius ( high durable temperature)
  • Rated load- tungsten and halogen light 1000 watt
  • Retrofit for tolerating heavy load
  • 400 watt LED lights
  • Input voltage- 90 to 270 VAC 50 Hz( these switches can even work in low voltages and even if you have voltage fluctuation these switches manage to cope-up with the situation) 
  • Operating humidity- 20% to 85% Rh 

Our switches offer Two-way switching

Our switches give the best overload protection and overvoltage protection. WhiteLion switches have a beautiful intricate design with beautiful lights and the best features.  Its advanced technology protects it from thermal and overload shutdowns. These smart switches definitely help everyone in converting their monotonous home into a full technological home. Make your house astonishing and ravishing, add these smart switches to make it look more advanced and do all your chores with ease and comfort. Getting everything done with a remote controller or voice command is the most fascinating thing. You can get this done through our smart switches.

Best smart switches for you 

WhiteLion switches are the best quality switches that provide you with full home automation. Our best quality products are made to meet customer requirements and satisfaction. Stay connected with your smart switches for home automation. With the advancement in technology, every home needs automation. To do your home automation we are here to help you with our best smart switches.

Bottom line

We want you to have the best home automation to get the best smart home in your budget and to fulfill all your requirements and specifications. Smart switches are easy to use for every age group. WhiteLion smart switches give you the freedom to do your work at your command with technology and also to manage it from anywhere. Convert your home into a smart home with these classy and fabulous smart switches. Our customer satisfaction is all that we need. Your love and support are everything to us. Smart switches are the best tool for home automation. Get the power to control your appliance with your voice or remote controller.

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