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Colour Palette Trends For Architecture And Interior Design in 2023

20 Aug, 2021

We have craved going out for a long time now but we can still seek comfort and stability in the face of uncertainty at the comfort of our homes. The new colour trends bring optimism and announce new beginnings. 

So, here we are to tell you all the recent colour palettes that have been inspired by nature, monuments and everything that has positive vibes. Embrace the unexpected with all the nifty colour trends for your home, for this new year.

Top 10 trending colour palettes - 

Colours are strangely compelling but at the same time, the choice of colour is a subjective opinion. Let us delve deeper into the topic and tell you the top 10 colours that would make your home ultra uber.

1 Olde Worlde - The old world charm takes your mind to a state which is relaxing and comforting. Now imagine this comfort at your home which is already your snug, absolutely bliss, isn’t it? Find your solace by choosing a colour palette that truly reflects the old world charm. These are some of the colours that represent the colours of the old world - 

  • #A7414A - Night Shadz
  • #282726
  • #6A8A82 - Auro Metal Saurus
  • #A37627 - Hot Teddy 
  • #563838 - Congo Brown

Incorporate these colors in your drawing room and go down the memory lane everytime you sit there. The walls can be painted with these colors in an abstract pattern to make a kaleidoscope effect with these. 

2 Mediterranean Blues - colours today are widely dominated by the interests of different generations. While newer generations prefer brighter colours, older generations have made peace with subtle colour shades. But to please both the generations you can choose a combination of bright and flat colours. Like - 

  • #708090 - Slate
  • #007FFF - Azure 
  • #888C8D - Stone 
  • #F4F3EF - Arctic
  • 4F8687 - BlueBerry 

Living spaces can be painted in the combination of the new and old blue shades. The furniture can be brought in a shade that matches the interest of both the generations. Accent pieces in different shades of blue will also help to elevate the whole aesthetic of the living space. 

3 Great Greens - growth, harmony, safety and fertility are what colour green signifies. With green colour around, you feel secure. Well, isn’t that exactly what our homes should be? Choose the following shades for your bedroom - 

  • #7A7A58 - Crocodile 
  • #9C9F84 - Sage 
  • #7F988F - Juniper 
  • #98FF98 - Mint 
  • #579229 - Basil 

Nature is so relaxing, that is why people take vacation and spend time in a peaceful natural place. Bedroom should be painted in green to somewhat get the same peace there. 

4 Oriental Opulence - nothing can beat the colours that truly reflect us. It brings a sense of contentment and pride at the same time. Our architecture is the proof that the following colours have been in our roots and they can never be replaced - 

  • #D3D0DA - Mischka
  • #B5B3BE - Ghost 
  • #4E7BA7 - Chelsea Cucumber 
  • #A7907F - Wedgewood

These shades would look beautiful in accent architecture pieces. You can play around these colours and incorporate these shades in any part of your home.

5 Fruity Colours - people have been taking inspiration from nature and even from fruits. Fruits generally contain different shades of colours. Let’s decode the colour palette of Muskmelon for you today as it is the trending colour palette for this season - 

  • #D9DCD8 - Peppermint
  • #9BA747 - Green Smoke
  • #D57030 - Tango
  • #F29D4B - Sunshade
  • #8B281F - Mandarian Orange

6 New Neutrals - beige and off-white are out of fashion. It’s the Tan season. Let us tell you some of the trending neutral shades that would instantly light up your living space. They are - 

  • #F4DAB8 - Eggnog
  • #E3CCB6 - Sandcastle 
  • #E5AA70 - Fawn 
  • #FAF3E1 - Sugar cookie 
  • #E3D9C6 - Oyster

Furniture in these shades would match with any color tone. You can even update the upholstery of all the furniture in these shades.

7 Ornamental Yellows and Reds - taking inspiration from nature again, we have curated the following colours that are the colours of rare flowers and hybrids from around the world. Build up your entire room on this colour theme and it will surely make you happy, we guarantee -  

  • #270101 - Seal brown 
  • #720017 - Burgundy
  • #D8D583 - Deco 
  • #D9AC2A
  • #763F02 - Raw Umber

Dining room would be the perfect place to have this color palette. Dining room is where the entire family meets once or twice a day and therefore, this place should be extra special.  

These are the colour palettes that are trending for the upcoming year. Tell us which colours you have chosen for the different rooms at your home.

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