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The Story

WhiteLion is a Home Automation company that develops & manufactures smart switches that are compatible with Alexa and Google Home technologies. It has recently added motion sensors & TV sensors to its growing range of Home Automation solutions. It aspires to be India’s leading electrical brand across the spectrum of all products related to Smart Homes.

The company started in 2014 as a partnership between 4 friends - Vishal Kukadiya, Sajag Sheta, Nirav Dholiya and Jenish Kumbhani; all directors of various divisions in WhiteLion today. The USP of the company is that it manufactures globally trending Home Automation technology right here at home in India. The company added manufacturing facilities in 2015 with just 3 employees and today the team has grown to over 55 people. WhiteLion was awarded The Most Promising Brand Of The Year award by the Real Estate Congress in 2019.

WhiteLion is committed to grow day by day by continually developing new technologies. The company always keeps innovating and creating new things regularly to stay ahead of the times. Read the complete story of our founders here.

Our Vision

To create and provide affordable Smart Home Automation Solutions to empower every City in India, By 2025

Our Mission

To spread power of technology for mankind. Providing world class quality products and value in the application of Home Automation.

The Founder

Vishal Kukadiya is one of the co-founders of WhiteLion which started its journey in 2014. He is a civil engineer by education and a marketer by profession. He enjoys his role as Director of Sales & Marketing at WhiteLion immensely. Other than marketing, his interests include travelling & reading. He values ethics, loyalty, commitment, consistency, honesty and having a positive attitude.

He says, “WhiteLion is fully committed to the task of making India smarter through smart technologies. It wants to develop these technologies in-house in the spirit of the Make In India and Digital India initiatives with global standards of excellence and quality.”

The WhiteLion Leadership Team

  • Nirav Dholiya
    Director - Finance & HR

  • Jenish Kumbhani
    Director - Production & Admin

  • Sajag Sheta
    Director - R&D & Service