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Why People Are Discussing Mental Health More Openly in the Workplace

02 Aug, 2021

According to research, one in every four adults is having mild or severe mental health conditions. Although there has been substantial growth in awareness about mental health. And issues are discussed more openly, the situation is not the same at every place, especially in the offices or workplaces. There are a number of dogmas attached to mental health conditions. 

In general, workers are reluctant to talk about it with their colleagues and seniors. As they will subject to being judged, the effect on relationships, job security, and personal safety. Even if the organization is supportive of the issue, it is a continuous task. There is a need for conducting a balancing act in order to keep all the issues in check. Let’s have a look at why the situation needs to be changed.

Mental health Affect Both Employee’s and Organization’s Efficiency: 

As per research, mental health conditions cost employers more than $100 billion annually. If the organization addresses the issue, they can save money. While enhancing the efficiency of their workforce. A push from the leadership can drastically change the workplace culture. 

If someone from the upper management shares his/her struggles with depression, it opens a window of opportunity for others to freely express themselves. It will further boost the self-confidence of employees. And, they won’t need to carry their emotional baggage and focus solely on the work. 

Open Dialogue on Mental Health:  

Job is an important part of one’s life. 50% of our weekdays revolve around our jobs or job-related things. In that case, the support of colleagues at the workplace can help one in recovering from those tough situations easily. However, this supportive environment can only create through open dialogues on mental health. 

Discussing mental health and recovery stories related to it in the workplace with colleagues will create an environment. Which will be a safe place for someone suffering from mental anxiety and help them in faster recovery. It will also pave the way for self-analysis and betterment. 

Imagine the quality of life for a person with a mental health issue, where he/she talks about his/her bipolar disorder. With his/her boss, and he/she suggests some ways to cope up with it, isn’t that great! It should be the goal of organizations to aid people who are fighting with their mental health problems and trying to overcome it.

Be Hopeful and Helpful: 

Once the workplaces allow open-dialogues on the issue related to mental health. Then there will be positivity in the environment. If someone suffering from anxiety feels that he/she is being valued, heard, and people around are concerned about them. They won’t feel ashamed about their condition. Believe it or not, emotions are the true embodiment of our existence as a human being.


For someone suffering from a mental condition- do whatever required for you to feel good and stay safe. To others who are around someone with mental illness, be helpful, understanding, and approach the discussion with an open mind. A little assistance of yours can help someone to accept their entire self and can establish a culture of acceptance.

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