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Smart Touch Modular Switches For Home | WhiteLion

02 Aug, 2021

About Smart Touch

Smart Touch Switches are aesthetically crafted contact switches and feather touch switches that ensure convenience and security. Smart Touch helps you power your fans with just one hand, as your ultimate smart home solution. The revolutionary device and configurable memory offer smart power at an affordable price. Sleek look panels with sleek touch screen switches provide a millennial lifestyle and also an aesthetic appeal. An integrated receiver allows direct IR remote control, and the built-in Wi-Fi allows device connectivity. With innovative features, including a single feather touch switch and single IR remote operations, Smart Touch provides you more convenience. In other words, Switch is old in modular, but Switch is gold in Touch.

Smart switches can control

The highly visual Smart App allows switches to control by allowing access to a 360-degree panoramic room image to the buttons. The extremely visual environment makes the devices linked to the controls. Such as lights, fans, curtains or blinds, easy to recognize and monitor. Even when the App runs, the turn LED displays the system status. Smart touch switches in India have changed the overall dimension.

Voice recognition

It can easily operated and controlled by using voice assistants like Google (Home) and Amazon (Alexa). Every switch set-up can operate by voice commands using the smart App, or even by combinations of the Switch (profiles). The LED Switch represents the device’s status even when voice is used. Alexa voice-enabled Touch dimmer switches are apt. These are the switches that suit your interior design. The remote control can operate these smart switches as well.

A single remote switch can be programmed and reprogrammed at any time to power several switches. Even if the system is controlled by a remote, the Switch LED represents the device state. Smart switches are single way, two way, and three way switches. Touch switches worldwide, allowing multiple switches to control the same system. The device, voice, or remote may also be used. It is, in the true sense, luxury in electrical switches. All the LED switches change to the status of the unit. 

Ease of access

One of the best things about smart switches is that they can work with a very light touch, touch switches are built according to that convenience. They are often made of tempered glass and have a coating that can be cleaned and which remains brand new over time. They look very durable. Touch switches are low voltage switches, so they are very safe to use even with wet hands unlike traditional switches. This way, they are also very child-friendly. Forget the usual switches’ tick-tack.

It is time to add a majestic look to your home because it offers an artistic and elegant look at the interior of every room. Upgrade intelligent walls and transform your house into an intelligent home by using smart switches. Smart switches offer the hotel rooms an elegant and sleek look. To further improve the guest experience by using the mobile App or voice assistants to monitor the room appliances, smart switches change the overall outlook.


If you are in search of the perfect smart switches, then WhiteLion is your one stop solution. Our wide variety of smart switches are a great option to revolutionize your smart home. The Posh series is also very affordable so you don’t have to worry about the touch switch price. Don’t hesitate and just go for WhiteLion touch switches, they are better than the best modular switches and the best touch screen switches in India. These touch screen switches are a perfect combination of form and function. So, hurry up and fill your home with some smart features.

Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Switches

  • How are WhiteLion smart switches safe for kids?
Ans. WhiteLion smart switches are completely safe for kids. Our products have child locks. You can separately set the child lock on whichever switch you want. These switches are shockproof which makes these switches safe for your child to touch. If your child splashed water on these switches, worry not, because these switches are water-resistant. These switches have night visibility, this makes them safe on your wall; even when you cannot see anything you would be able to see these switches. You can add Google and Alexa home compatibility to these switches. That means your child does not need to touch switches instead they can just speak and turn them on.  
  • Do smart switches catch fire?

Ans. Absolutely not. No smart switches can catch fire if they are built properly. Our smart switches are tested properly to make them shockproof, water-resistant, and work on heavy loads. Because our switches can work on heavy load, they would not face short circuits. This means they would not catch fire from the short circuit. Even if you splash water on these switches, they would resist the damage done by water. Our products are made by keeping in mind the safety requirements of our customers. Our workers and team members are skillful people who make sure nothing hazardous happens to your smart switches.

  • Are Smart Switches Expensive?

Ans. Some smart switches are expensive but WhiteLion smart switches are affordable. We have made our devices affordable so that even common people can use them. They are not heavy on your budget. The switches can be purchased starting with around two hundred bucks. This means you get a full package of quality features at a reasonable and affordable cost. Our price does not deter the quality of the product. You get shocked resistant and splash resistant switches. Our product also has qualities like child lock, night visibility and heavy load. So you can bring this convenient device to your home without worrying about the budget. 

  • How to control my normal fan with a wireless remote?

Ans. You can control your normal fans with a wireless remote with the help of smart switches or by setting up a remote control to the fan. While the latter option is quite hectic, the former one is easy and convenient. Although not all smart switches come with the remote control, WhiteLion does come with remote control and Wi-Fi access. You can easily switch to the remote control setting instead of the touch control setting. If you want to control the fan by setting a remote control to it you would be able to control the fan with only, while smart switches will give you remote access to every gadget connected to them.

Smart switches add beauty in our home, with elegance of modern switches.

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