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Embedded Hardware Services

Hardware design can be a critical part of any product success as long as it falls in the electronic domain. Leverage our capabilities and get access to the much-needed functional requirements.

High-speed board design services for electronics product development, such as PCB Design (Schematics & Layout), digital, analog design, programmable logic, FPGAs, DSPs, microprocessors, and mixed RF analog, and power systems to produce the perfect board design for a given product. Our board design services are based on years of expertise in a high-quality system on modules with performance and cost.

Hardware Board Design

Hardware Architecture
Schematic Design
PCB Layout
PCB Prototype
Design Validation Test (Signal & power integrity, Reliability Testing)
Pre-Compliance Testing
Custom Test Jig for production

Our Expertise

  • Hardware Architecture

    Requirement Development with Acceptance Criteria
    Hardware Block Diagram
    BOM Analysis

  • Hardware Design

    Design Documentation covering interface level details and integration guideline
    Schematic Design
    Layout Design
    Electro-mechanical convergence
    EMN/EMP File
    Geber File generation

  • Prototype Development

    Technical Query resolution with PCB fabricator
    PCB Fabrication
    Release Assembly Instruction
    PCB Assembly

  • Bring-up Testing

    Assembly Inspection
    Power up
    Boot/ Kernel Prompt

  • Functional Test

    Peripheral test
    Performance Optimization
    Diagnostics Code

  • Design Validation Test

    Timing Analysis
    Waveform Shaping
    Performance Analysis

  • Reliability Analysis

    Stress Analysis
    Thermal/ Humidity
    Destructive Testing

  • Compliance Testing

    Environment testing
    Safety test (UL294 etc)

  • Custom Test Jigs

    Functional Test Jig
    Manufacturing test Jig
    Manufacturing Diagnostics

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