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5 reasons why you should shift to smart switches?

28 Jun, 2022

You have often gotten this question in mind, why you should change to intelligent switches? But firstly, let us answer you - what are smart switches? Why do you need this intelligent up-gradation in today’s time? How much it adds value to your and your family’s life.

You have often gotten this question in mind, why you should change to smart switches? But firstly, let us answer you - what are smart switches? Why do you need this smart up-gradation in today’s time? How expensive is it? How much it adds value to your and your family’s life. 

Smart switches in a smart home can make your life easier by allowing you to control all of your devices and lighting. They can be controlled with voice commands or your smartphone, making them useful at any time of the day. Here are some reasons why smart home automation in India is the most effective way to make your home smart.

In today’s article, we are going to cover everything about smart switches and the reasons to shift toward them. We will be discovering every aspect of smart switches being a part of smart home automation. So, let’s start the discovery!

5 reasons to shift to smart switches

Reason 1 
More control over your switches

Connecting your smart switch to another smart device greatly expands your options. For example, 10 minutes before your arrival, put on the lights and air conditioner to allow your smart speakers to play your favorite songs. This can be done with smart switches' geometrical feature. Other smart switch features like mood-setting, turning on appliances without standing, and actually doing with your hands. You can control almost everything in-home with either your smartphone or with your voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Reason 2 
Save electricity 

Everyone wants to save money on their monthly expenses, and the Smart Switches make it feasible. You have the ability to command your system. You can regulate and turn on the heating, air conditioning, and other appliances remotely, just like light bulbs. If you are not at home, you can reduce the temperature to save electricity. Also, if you left any lights on, you can easily control them via smartphone from any corner of the world. There are many ways you can control your smart switches and save electricity by installing motion sensors. 

Reason 3 
Improve safety

You can turn on the lights from anywhere, this makes your home safer. It is easy to provide a haven for the outside world while you are away from the city on vacation or at work world. Potential robbers are more inclined to stay if they believe they are at home. Alarm systems and security cameras can also be operated by smart switches. You can make your home secure with your kids alone at home with smart switches and increase the additional level of security. 

Reason 4 
Simplicity and comfort

Smart Switch allows you to control lights, fans, and other smartphone-connected devices. Along with basic switching functions and voice and app dimming, the smart switch can also perform some smart functions such as automatically turning on the light as you enter a room.  

Reason 5 
Play a big part in your home decoration

Whitelion smart switches are one of the best glass-built smart switches with so much functionality. It is a true functionality with a style statement. Being sleek and elegant, of course, our smart switches gives your home a new look and rich decor at affordable prices. To know more about the prices of whitelion smart switches, contact here. 


Wrapping up this article, whitelion smart switches are a true addition to your home decor. Not just for a sleek look, but for other reasons, you might want to plan your home with smart switches. Finally, smart switches can make your life easier, but now also comes with price evolution. So, you don’t feel smart switches are expensive ones. In fact, whitelion smart switches are affordable and you can make one of your rooms within 10,000 Rs with Wi-Fi-enabled switches.

Talking about warranty period, whitelion smart switches comes with 7 years of the warranty period and is India’s biggest warranty period provider. So, are you ready to shift to smart switches for your home?

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