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Smart Home Automation Solutions

Smart Home Automation
in India

Made Easy & Affordable
By the Largest Smart Switch Manufacturer
On The Mission Of ‘Making India Smarter’

POSH - Smart Touch Switches

Posh | Smart Switch Series

Ascend to Touch

Incredible good looks go hand in hand with powerful performance. Enter a world of luxury and finesse with The Posh Series.

Quartz | Smart Switch Series

Frameless Sophistication

Add an elevated level of elegance to your interiors, with the sleek & glossy appearance of The Quartz Series.

Smart Motion Sensors


We at WhiteLion have built a range of AirSensors and put them in two categories
- Motion Sensors & TV Sensors.

Know More
  • Smart Remote Light Control

    Smart Remote

    Get functions such as fan regulation, light dimming, scene control & master button to operate smartly from the comfort of your couch.

  • Smart Voice Commands for Smart  Switches

    Smart Voice

    WhiteLion Smart Switches are compatible with smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa & Google Home for voice commands.

  • Smart Mobile Application

    Smart Mobile App

    Our 5-star rated app allows for total control from anywhere in the world and is available for both Android & iOS.

  • Aircare+ Warranty


    WhiteLion provides you superior service with 7 years of AirCare+ warranty that is unprecedented in the market.

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